Welcome to KD - Kendall Design

Building a new home or renovating the home you currently live in will involve numerous appointments, choices and decisions.  It can be a stressful experience; especially if you haven't been through the process before.  Also, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the information available on the internet, TV shows, friends and family as well as the trades and contractor that you are partnered with.  The costs associated with big or small decisions can compound in sleepless nights and a smaller bank account; neither of which will make for an enjoyable experience.  

This is where KD - Kendall Design comes in to assist with all areas of your project. Experience with what to ask, where to go and how to ultimately save you time and money is the goal with each project.  We want to make your space, large or small, exactly what you want within the budget that you have.  Bringing the entire picture together, minimizing unexpected costs and allowing you to enjoy your project - that's what we are here for.