Services available through KD - Kendall Design

Blueprint Review 

When working with an architecture team, there are many factors that are taken into account in order to shape the blueprint that is ready to be built.  Many Clients that I have worked with have expressed a desire to have their prints reviewed by their interior designer prior to final approval.  This review process is completed to bring as many small glitches or potential issues to light with the mindfulness of what each clients specific wants and desires are.  Each review takes about 5 hours to complete and will result in a deliverable to the architectural team.  We can also attend design meetings to brainstorm concepts, find solutions and bring creative details to the final blueprints.

Drafting of interior and exterior details 

Conceptual drawings done by numerous different drafting programs can be completed.  We can also create full working drawings that can be used for all areas of building including electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, millwork, flooring, wall tile and various other specifics that may be required.  This process involves multiple meetings, reviewing concepts and details.  Anywhere from 20 to 100 hours can be required for full working drawings depending on the level of depth and creativity to develop the deliverable.  This process usually takes place throughout the project. 

Specifications and scope of work 

Specifications/scope of work are tools used to define exactly how a budget is created.  This obviously has a large impact on the efficiency of the project. Consulting on this document will reduce misunderstandings in budget and expectations.  Generally this review is 2-4 hours.


Depending on the type of pricing model that the builder or contractor uses, the involvement of an interior designer can help with making sure the budget is accurate to complete the project. One common concern that Clients have mentioned is that their budget is not in alignment with expectations.  Once the final price is established and a mortgage is applied for, out of pocket costs become a concern.  Budget review to ensure that an adequate allowance is available generally requires 3-10 hours.


We can provide as much or as little assistance with interior or exterior selections as is required.  Some would prefer to take part in each step of the selection process and others prefer to have groups of selections presented that fall within budget.  Depending on the level of involvement this process can range between 6-40 hours.  

Finalize changes and implement to site

One of the biggest step of the selection process is reviewing the final quotes and details for order approval.  We can assist with this to ensure that all details are accounted for.  The next step is to implement to the field where the true translation occurs.  This typically takes 6-15 hours including deliverable. 

Site walkthroughs and quality control

The site review and quality control component is what really allows the entire process to be completed effectively.  Generally there is a review prior to electrical completion which also encompasses framing changes.  There is a site meeting with the finisher/cabinet maker and flooring supplier.  Normally 5-15 hours are spent conducting site meetings.