What our Clients and Trade Partners are saying

Natalia Finn - Renovation 

May 8, 2011

Ms Jennifer has impeccable and creative designing skills. Her attention to fine details, textures and colours is second to none. Jennifer was a pleasure to work with from beginning to final walk through. I highly recommend hiring her to design your dream home as she did mine.

Thank you.

Gaela Toombs - Operations Manager - Maillot Homes

Maillot Homes Inc. is an exceptional home builder in the Calgary area. 

June 6, 2017

Jenn brings multi-faceted strengths and talents with her to all of her endeavors. She is highly creative, intelligent and a vary hard worker. Jenn isn't afraid to speak out and ask great questions which caught more than a few potential oversights through the years. Jenn has an unconventional relationship with clients and utilized her great sense of humor and her commitment to creative design to put clients at ease and to procure strong client relationships. Our Clients continually complimented Jenn with rave reviews of their experiences while working on their interior design projects.

Jamie and May Ha - Custom Built Home with Maillot Homes

June 6, 2017

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jennifer on the design and construction of our dream home. Jennifer spent a tremendous amount of time with us to ensure everything was to our satisfaction and we are extremely grateful to have her, and her design wizardry, as a resource throughout the process!

Her attention to detail, technical building expertise, creative vision, and problem-solving skills were instrumental to ensuring our project was on time and under budget. Best of all was her "can do" attitude. No idea was too crazy and she was willing to explore any and all possibilities and ideas we had. She was always there to make sure we were absolutely happy with every detail and if we weren't, never hesitated in assisting us to work towards a solution. We would definitely recommend Jenn to anyone looking to work with a fun and creative professional!

Calla Mitchell - Owner, Distinctively Paint & Marketing Professional

September 16, 2017

I've known many clients of Jennifer Kendall through out my career and they have all said they would never do another project without her. Jennifer Kendall is everything anyone could want in construction management, design service, custom selections, budgets and pricing. This woman has an uncanny ability to see in 3d. She can see potential onsite problems in a blueprint that even seasoned architects miss. She has a great head for numbers and budgets. She knows the questions to ask and the details to determine so that necessary changes happen on paper - not on site where it affects budgets and timelines. She's a wonderful designer - passionate and talented - simply stunning work. She also possesses one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. She cares deeply for her clients. I sincerely believe she will dramatically reduce the stress of a build or reno and she will save her clients multiples of what it cost to have her on board. Hiring this person for your next project is an absolute no brainer.

Rachel Matichak & Attila Varga - Custom Built Home with Maillot Homes

October 2, 2017

In Calgary, there are many great choices of home builders with great people, experience, support and creativity. However, we were fortunate to choose, from our perspective, the best one. Maillot Homes certainly fits that mold. But what made it even better, is our experience with Jenn Kendall.  Jenn was not only an asset to Maillot but more so of an asset to us and the building process. The care, detail, creativity and her unwavering dedication to our building process made the entire experience wonderful and a sincere pleasure.

Should the need or opportunity ever arise to building again, we would emphatically encourage her to be at our sides.   "You are wonderful at what you do and Attila and I truly appreciate you.  Without your dedication and drive we could not have built such a lovely and elegant home.  Your passion in your work will always have a presence in our home!"

Thank you Jenn!

Samantha Auger - Consulted on numerous commercial spaces

June 4, 2018

Jennifer Kendall exceeds expectations in all her work.  With her eye for detail and artistic expression, Jenn is one of a kind.  Jenn cares for her clients and treats them like family.  She creates a relationship that allows you to express your opinions openly.  She always has a way of seeing the big picture, the small details and finishes that make her so excellent at what she does.